Research Mom lists bills that will have signifiant impact on your pocketbook or are systematic changes to control your freedom. 

Research Mom uses the criteria of advocating for local control and less government intrusion.  Financial decisions should be based on the reality of actual dollars and we should free up business opportunities by reducing taxes, fees, licenses, permits and regulations.  Education should be about teaching the content of knowledge and not be driven by outcome-based agenda driven decisions.  The State should not be in charge of teaching emotions, values, sexuality, or global citizens who do not cherish our nation - the U.S.A. 

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OPPOSE SB 5096 - Excise tax on capital gains
Contact Senate Ways and Means Committee
This is a kind of tax on income from sales that create capital gains.  It is an income tax on assets classified as capital gains by the IRS but unlike the IRS, Washington State will have no loss carryover.

OPPOSE SB 5204 - Creating the whole Washington health trust
Contact Senate Health & Long Term Care Committee
This creates a health trust that will expand health care.  This universal essential health benefit will be funded by a 10.5 percent payroll tax and an income tax on sole proprietors.

OPPOSE HB 1009 - Concerning student health plans
Contact House Health Care & wellness
This bill expands health insurance for student health plans to include abortion.  This coverage will apply to all schools, including religious institutions.

EDUCATION (BIrth to Higher Education)

OPPOSE - HB 1225 - Concerning school based health clinic
Contact House Health Care & wellness Committee
This version of creating school-based health centers starts by establishing a program office within the Department of Health.  It will set up a new bureaucracy within an agency that has NO accountability to the public or to the elected members of the K-12 school system.  How will the "program" created by the Dept of Health dictate policies onto school districts which should be governed by elected school boards? 
This places powers of monitoring and evaluating a school based health clinic outside of district elected officials and citizen participation.

OPPOSE - SB 5030 - Comprehenseive school counseling
Contact Senate Early Learning & K-12 Committee
Mandating a comprehensive school counseling program that will align all counselors to a national standard that will focus on academic, career, personal and social emotional needs of all students.  There will be standards set for student mindset and behavior and counselor ethics.  One-size-fits-all national standards do not acknowledge the various differences in family values.  The school will expect each student to comply with the secular government school standards and value system. 
Another great concern is what types of data will be collected on our children for "program results" and communication with students and parents.

OPPOSE - SB 5044 - Concerning equity, cultural competency and dismantling institutional racism
Contact Senate Early Learning & K-12 Committee
Requires staff to take training on cultural competency so they can dismantle institutionalized racism. School districts will be required to review their policies to implement an "equity lens" that will force teachers and students to conform their mindset and behaviors to the "proper" way of thinking about race, religion, sexuality and gender. 
Such programs in other states have created great divisions by introducing concepts such as oppressed students and priviledged students based on the perceived color of their skin. Mult-racial families with parents and siblings of different skin tones will look at their brother/sister/mother/father as different.

OPPOSE - SB 5151 - Concerning foster care & child care licensing by the dept of children, youth, families
Contact Senate Early Learning & K-12 Committee - hearing Jan 22nd
This bill adds a new category of child care and other minor changes.  The main concern is on the last pages where all non-parent family members must be licensed to take care of a child that has been considered in state care and follow all requirements as a foster parent.  This opens the door to licensing grandparents and relatives and regulating them through at home visits.


OPPOSE HB 1068 - Exempting election security information from public records disclosure
Contact House State Government & Tribal relations - vote on Jan 21st
In the name of security, the broad language of the bill severely restricts the public from accessing information and data on the election process.  This could also hinder the ability of observers to monitor activities.

OPPOSE HB 1156 - Increasing representation and voter participation in local elections
Contact House State Government & Tribal relations
The bill creates a workgroup as the first step in bringing "Ranked Choice Voting" (RCV) into Washington State.  Pierce County was the only location that attempted this and the program failed and was voted out.  RCV requires all voters to fill out 3 ballots and tabulates each race three times.  This completely removes the concept of majority wins and will be almost impossible to audit in a recount. Proponents of this state they can "guarantee" equity because more minorities will win.


OPPOSE HB 1054 - Requirements for tactics and equipment used by peace officers
Contact House Committee on Public Safety - Committee vote Jan 21st
This bill restricts chokeholds, limits use of police dogs, and prohibits equipment that can be used to control riots.  Other provisions limit the ability of police officers to apprehend criminals and keep peace.

OPPOSE HB 1082 - Concerning state oversight and accountability of peace officers and correction officers
Contact House Committee on Public Safety
OPPOSE SB 5051 - Concerning state oversight and accountability of peace officers and correction officers
Contact Senate Committee on Law & Justice - Committee vote Jan 21st
This bill restructures the oversight of law enforcement personnel.  This expands investigation of applicants, expands conduct reviews, and removes confidentiality of complaints and disciplinary actions.  The rights of police and correction officers are being diminished.


OPPOSE HB 1141 - Increasing access to the death with dignity act.
Contact House Committee on Health Care & Wellness - vote Jan 20th
This bill increases access to assisted suicide by allowing a broader range of health providers (other than physicians) to assist, shortening the waiting period from 15 days to 72 hours, and allowing medications to be delivered by mail or messenger service. 
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